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Improving the maritime industry

Even though the maritime industry has made significant progress on the subject of sustainability in recent years, there is definitely room for improvement. The maritime industry currently operates with an average ship age of +/-25 years. Although this is generally assumed to be a ship’s end of economic life, it is not necessarily the end of operational life for all the components inside a ship. Remanufacturing can increase the lifespan of ship components, providing substantial economic and environmental benefits.

“Remanufacturing is not just about restoring products to their original condition, it’s about creating a sustainable future”

The potential of remanufacturing

Remanufacturing is a new way of looking at how we use ship components.
It goes further than the traditional activities of repairing, overhauling or reconditioning. Remanufacturing uses various proven methods to bring a product or component back to its original new-build specifications. It
is a process that can be applied to almost all ship parts: main engines, gearboxes, thrusters, clutches, pumps etc. What’s more, a remanufactured component complies with today’s stricter environmental rules and regulations.

Together towards the results

The Maritime Remanufacturing Network is a growing group of companies that share the common goal of making the maritime industry more sustainable by extending the lifetime of ship components.

“By harnessing our collective technical expertise and innovative spirit, we are paving the way to a sustainable maritime industry.”

We are a network of specialist (technical) companies that share knowledge and expertise to make remanufacturing possible. Any company can join the Maritime Remanufacturing Network – the more we collaborate and motivate each other, the sooner we will hit our target of a more sustainable maritime industry.

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